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Professional Package gives powerful features like SMS, Groupware write that professionals and businesses need to make them ahead in this corporate world.

Email directory


Manage your identity across email provides an easy way for users to share contact details, calendar events and tasks so they can stay in touch. It provides an easy -to-use interface that allows collaboration and communication anytime, anywhere - and all this within a browser.

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Scheduler (Calendar)


The improved Scheduler interface allows users to manage appointments (tasks) on a quarterly, annual, or daily basis.

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Tree-style Folder Menu


Email folders accessible via a tree-menu, making it easy to categorize folders and access them again quickly. Sub-folders can be created by right-clicking on a folder. To move a message into a folder, simply 'drag and drop' the message into the desired folder (or check the box next to message and select the destination folder from a list).


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Mail Encryption


Keep your mail private by enabling mail encryption. Options range from commercial to military grade encryption (4096 bit) for outgoing email messages. Messages can be automatically signed with your public encryption key, allowing others to send encrypted messages to you.

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Full MIME Support Email supports MIME email messages, allowing users to receive attached pictures, multimedia content and data contained in email messages. Users can compose email messages and attach files to outgoing messages.


Folder Management Utility


Messages received can be moved among folders for sorting and archiving purposes. New folders and sub folders can be added and deleted, allowing users to categorize and organize messages.

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Mailbox Sorting & Searching


Messages contained in a user's Inbox can be sorted by Subject, Date, or Email Address. Users can search their mailbox for messages containing matches of the user-specified string, allowing quick and easy access to stored email.

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Want to collect your email in a different email client? Click here to setup with outlooks. etc.




No graphical ads in Email Messages.


Storage, Attachments and Filters


Mega storage and help with attachments and Filters.

Mega storage: Email operates on the premise that you shouldn't have to waste valuable time trying to decide what to save. Its motto, "Search don't sort," describes the theory that e-mail should be useful, not frustrating.


Standard Features professional email package is bundled with all standard features and additional features enlisted below:

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Groupware Write


Utilizing a permissions-based assignment system, Address Book and Calendar/Task data can be shared with and assigned to other users or groups. Implement the Groupware solution to achieve maximum efficiency and enhance team productivity. Program integrations: Many of the other programs (such as Calendar, Notebook, and groupware) integrate with to create a powerful program that's really useful for more than just mail.

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Archiving gets old emails out of your Inbox and into a .zip file.


Mail Forward


Learn how to flip the switch and send all your Email someplace else.




Get answers to your Mail account questions.


No account expiration


By subscribing to Mail, your account won't go dormant - even if you don't use it for a long period of time.




SMS Alert integrates email with the global SMS network. This low cost, worldwide service allows you to receive email alerts directly to your mobile phone (content filtering or all messages) and also creates the ability to send SMS messages via Web Mail. The SMS API of can also be modified to fit within an existing SMS gateway or system framework.

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POP3 / IMAP Support


Email Solutions for Family with Multiple Users. Multi-User Package available for up to 5 simultaneous users.

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